Carbon Filters vs. Reverse Osmosis: Which is Best Water Filter for Your Home?


A water softener could make a huge difference in your house or apartment, whether you’re using it for drinking water or water you use for other purposes. But choosing one for your home isn’t as easy as you’d expect, is it? Search “water filter” or “water softener” online and you’ll get literally thousands of different … Read more

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The Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Explained


A reverse osmosis (RO) system works by sending water through a series of filters and semi-permeable membranes to block/remove unwanted molecules. On the surface it’s a pretty simple concept, right? You send water with unwanted particles through a reverse osmosis system and it comes out of the tap as pure water. Simple- or is it? … Read more

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pH Levels: What They Mean for Your Health, Your Home, and Your Appliances


Whether it’s water your drinking, water you give your pets, or water you use for your plants or appliances, we’ve all heard that pH is important. But have you ever asked what pH levels actually are? Let alone what they mean? We understand how important pH levels are, so we broke down the definition of pH … Read more

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US Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis Installation Guide

In this post we will show you how to install the US Aqua Platinum series. This installation is quick and easy. With proper preparation it should take no longer than an hour.  With that being said, lets get started. Tools you will need: Adjustable wrench, Teflon Tape, Razor blade, Electric drill, Phillips screw driver or drill … Read more

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USAqua Select Series Installation Guide

  Today we are going to show you guys how to install a US Aqua Select Series Reverse Osmosis System.  These systems may look intimidating but I can assure you the process is simple and painless. Your Reverse Osmosis System should come with a pressure tank,  R.O. module, faucet, installation manual, and Installation Kit. Your … Read more

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