When you purchase a reverse osmosis machine for your kitchen sink you’ll need to install a new faucet in order to receive the clean water you need. When you’re in a pinch and can’t find a faucet for your new RO water filtration system, or your sink can use a new faucet for a better look, you can count on FilterCentral.com to get you what you need.

There are two types of faucets, air gap and non air gap. Air gap faucets utilize a back flow prevention device so that in the event your drain becomes clogged the air gap in the line will pull air rather than dirty water back into your reverse osmosis system. Non-Air gap faucets will only utilize the drinking water line connected to it and sends the drain line water from the membrane directly into the sinks drain.

All under sink reverse osmosis water filter systems require you to replace your faucet for the system to work properly. All the faucets we offer are designed to be used for drinking water so that no harmful chemicals from the faucet will affect the quality of water. All the faucets we offer are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified, which means they’re safe to use for personal and public use, so you know that the faucet you get your water from is safe to drink out of.

We offer all types and styles of faucets, too. We have your simple on/off faucet that comes stock with nearly all RO water filtration systems, as well as faucets that allow you to adjust the pressure you receive water at, just like a regular kitchen faucet. We have a whole cost of color and style options, from simple and chrome faucets, to modern and brass faucets.

No matter the size or style of your RO system, at FilterCentral.com we’ve got the faucet to match your system and your style. Whether you’re looking for efficiency, looks, or both, you can count on us to have what you’re looking for.

Here at FilterCentral.com we have the faucet to suit your needs, whether your looking for something modern or contemporary we have the faucet for you.