Housing Wrenches and Tools

The housing of your reverse osmosis water filtration system is what assure that water is safely housed in order for it to be processed through each filter for cleaning. At FilterCentral.com we’ve got replacement filter housing for any size filter, from small point-of-use and under sink units to whole house systems and larger, and the tools to go along with them.

If your RO system isn’t getting the pressure it used to, or you’re not getting all the water you’re used to getting, chances are there may be a crack in one of the filter houses. Not only can leaking housing lead to damage under your sink (or beneath anywhere your filter’s mounted), but it can lower the PSI of your water filter, and if the PSI of your water is too low it will render the filters virtually useless.

Filter housing wrenches are a necessity for any filter replacement or maintenance. After a while, there’s so much water going through your system that it’ll be nearly impossible to open the filter housing to replace the filter without a specially tool. Don’t worry, we’ve got the tools you need to maintain your water filtration system without having to call a plumber to so it. Stop damaging your filter housing uses improper tools and make that next filter change a breeze.

FilterCentral.com has all the right tools to make your next filter replacement as painless as ever with our filter housing wrenches.