At FilterCentral.com we know how important it is to have proper water pressure in order for a reverse osmosis water filter system to work effectively. That’s why we offer a wide range of water pumps and booster pumps to get your water through the filter with enough pressure for the filters to take effect. 

Reverse osmosis water filters rely on water pressure to function properly. Low incoming water pressure in your system can cause the filter to become inefficient and not properly filter your water resulting in higher total dissolved solids. Water pressure that’s too low will simply flow through each filter without being scrubbed. Water can only be filtered properly if the water pressure is strong enough to force the water through each filter, cleaning out solid, chemical, and microbial imperfections in your water. If your water isn’t being scrubbed enough and it’s tasting or smelling off, your water pressure may be the problem.

Lucky for you we’ve got pumps to make sure your water not only gets to your faucets, but it goes through the filters of your RO system effectively. Whether you need more water pressure coming from a sink, a shower, or  warehouse’s water system, we’ve got pumps that’ll make sure you receive your water quickly and cleanly.

These are also great for water pumps without reverse osmosis systems. There’s nothing worse than a home not getting the water pressure it needs to take a shower when multiple faucets are running, and that’s why we have pumps and booster pumps to make sure the water you need isn’t just trickling out.

Be sure to always check your systems required incoming water pressure and your homes water pressure. If you find your homes water pressure to be low its a simple fix with the installation of a booster pump.

Here at FilterCentral.com we offer a vast selection of high quality pumps to help you boost your water pressure and keep your reverse osmosis water filter system performing as efficient as possible.