In reverse osmosis (RO) filter systems you don’t tap the water line directly in to your main faucet. Instead, all of the clean water you need will be stored in a tank, which will hold all of the RO water you want until you’re ready to use it. At FilterCentral.com we know it’s important to have a clean, safe, and effective tank to hold all of your water, so we made sure to give you the best tanks available

Most- if not all- under sink reverse osmosis water filter systems require you to add a tank for the system to store RO water for later use. All the tanks  we offer are designed to be used for drinking water so that no harmful chemicals from the tank will affect the quality of water. All the tanks we offer are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified, which means they’re safe to use for personal and public use, so you know that the faucet you get your water from is safe to drink out of. And if it’s clean enough to drink from, you know it’s clean enough to use for showers and feeding your plants.

Low quality tanks or tanks that aren’t compatible with your existing system can waste water through contamination or by simply not having a tight enough seal. All the tanks we offer are compatible with nearly any reverse osmosis system on the market and come with high quality parts to assure you’re not only able to store water safely, but to ensure it arrives in that tank properly. Outfitted with quality brass fitting and o-rings, these tanks assure a tight seal and no air leaks. If unwanted air gets in to your tank it can deteriorate the quality of your water, making it not only taste bad, but it can potentially be harmful.

When you need a tank for your brand new RO system, or the tank you’re using just isn’t cutting it any more, step up your game and come to FilterCentral.com. With Filter Central you can rest assured that when your water enters your tank it’ll stay fresh.