Testing Meters

Sure, you hear that reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems clean your tap or reservoir water, but how can you tell that it’s actually doing that? At FilterCentral.com we’ve got testers and meters to show you how much water’s being pumped through your system, and the TDS (total dissolved solids) content of your water to make sure the water you’re drinking and using is coming out the way you need it.

TDS, also known as PPM (parts per million), is the amount of solid materials in your water. That means all of those sediments like salt, dirt, metals. It also means the microorganisms and microscopic solid materials in your water. The TDS reading of your water is a reflection of the amount of the elements in your water that you’re trying to get rid of, so if your water is starting to look, smell, or taste a little funny you’ll want to check the TDS reading of your water.

Without the right amount of water pressure a water filter simply won’t work. Over time your water filter and plumbing will, for one reason or another, start to degrade and you won’t be able to get the same pressure you’re used to. If you don’t have the right amount of PSI going through your RO system, that water won’t be filtered. If it’s not filtered it will not only taste bad, but it will still wear on the filters even though nothing’s being filtered. But that’s not a problem with us, because we’ve got meters that will tell you how much pressure’s coming in to your system so you can make adjustments to assure you’re getting the water you need.

Testing your waters TDS, pressure and flow is crucial to ensure your filters are functioning properly and your system is efficient. It's best practice to test your system periodically between scheduled filter changes. Low water pressure can result in low filter performance and high TDS. So stay on top of your water filters condition with easy these easy to use tools.

Here at FilterCentral.com we offer a wide variety of meters and testers so that you can monitor your reverse osmosis water filters performance and know exactly the condition of your water.