Ultraviolet Purifiers

Ultra Violet Purifiers (UVP’s) are great for purifying water from harmful bacteria. Unlike reverse osmosis systems, UVP’s help kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms found in water that are known to harm you, your family, and your pets when consumed. UVP filter systems help eliminate note only the organisms you know about, but all those microorganisms you don’t.

While RO systems are great for commercial use, they use chemicals to help scrub your water and pull out solid sediments and harsh chemicals like chlorine. However, all of the living germs in the water you want to drink may still be present in your water. Those germs and microorganisms can come from a whole host of sources: animal and human waste, bacteria from insects, rotting plants, and much, much more. Most RO systems won’t be able to eliminate some of the most serious microorganisms because they’re only designed to filter out chemicals and sediments. That’s where Ultra Violet Purifiers come in handy.

If you live near a lake or river- or even if you live near the beach- you know you can’t reach in and drink water from the source because of the bacteria in there. With a UVP when water enters the filter, it is blasted with ultraviolet radiation and what you’re left with is water you can drink without a second thought (don’t worry, the UV radiation won’t harm your water). This is helpful when the source of your water is a river, lake, some sort of stream, or any source with high levels of bacteria.

Perfect for cabins, trailers, campers, and nearly anywhere off the beaten path, Ultra Violet Purifiers are what you need to clean water with harmful bacteria. Kits like the Hydrologic Big Boy UV Sterilizer Kit will take that sketchy water and sterilize it, making it safe for the whole family to drink- even the pets! And if you’ve already got a reverse osmosis, using a UVP with it will have your drinking water near perfection.

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