Without valves and floats, the water in your reverse osmosis water filtration system isn’t going anywhere. Thankfully at we’ve got what you need to make sure that your water gets in and out of each filter and membrane smoothly and effectively (and stays out when you don’t need to).

Valves are what allow water to enter and exit fittings, filters, and membranes. If your valves are wearing out, you’ll see either water leaking into/out of filters when you don’t want it to; or the pressure and rate your water is coming in to the system is slower than necessary.

Even though water will go through a filter, if your valves are causing a leak all that water that’s entering the filter won’t be filtered because it won’t be pushed through fast enough. Not only will that water not be filtered, but it will still wear down the filter, which is essentially wasting the filter material. On the opposite end, if your valves aren’t open enough you could build up back-pressure, which can start to ruin your system, and can even damage your RO system as well as your plumbing.

Floats are what help your valves open and close. When water enters a system its float will measure the amount of water available and either open or close the valve that allows it to pass in to the filters. If the float isn’t working properly it can lead to leaks or water pressure built-up, which is hazardous to your filter system, your plumbing, and results in low-quality water.

All reverse osmosis water filter systems use at least one one-way valve following the membrane. These valves are crucial to the performance of the the system, a small leak can drastically affect the quality of the water and should be inspected frequently. No matter if you need clean water to drink, to give to your pets, to feed your plants, or to just use, don't wait till it the valves in your system begin to leak and replace them with your regular scheduled maintenance. It’s easier to replace valves and floats now than to have to replace damaged parts later. has wide selection of replacement valves to work with all top brands of reverse osmosis water filter systems.