Replacement Ultraviolet Purifiers

If you want an extra bit of purity to your water, using an Ultraviolet (UV) Filter Membrane will give your water the finishing touches it needs for purity. At, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest technology in reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration systems to assure your drinking water is as pure as it gets, and UV filters are where it’s at.

As a part of your RO system’s final filtration process, your water goes through these purifiers for a final round of purification. After the majority of the solids and chemicals have been scrubbed out of your water, the water’s then pushed through a UV filter to kill off microorganisms.

Microorganisms are living organisms in your water that can make you sick, and ultraviolet water purifiers are the best way to remove them and bacteria found in water that cause illnesses. The disinfection process is a non-chemical process that uses ultraviolet radiation to kill harmful bacteria common in lakes, sea water and well water. These purifiers make sure to eliminate those harmful elements at the microscopic level with the same UV light that we receive from the sun, and without the need for chemicals!

Most times you use chlorine to clean water that has microorganisms, like you would in a pool. But just like in a pool, you can’t simply drink water that’s been treated- you have to filter it first. With an ultraviolet filter membrane you can eliminate those same microorganisms from your drinking or usable water supply without having to treat and re-filter it.

Not only are these filters great for use in suburban and city homes and apartments, but they’re especially great for cabins and campers where getting a safe, treated water is hard. Whether you're looking to purify water for a single sink or whole house we've got the application just for you.


Here at we carry a large selection of the top brand ultraviolet water purifiers for single sinks to whole house applications.